Sheila at work

Sheila at work

Welcome to my website! My name is Sheila Gray, and I’m a Registered Homeopath working in the West Cumbria area.

A holistic approach to health involves embracing the concept of each individual’s ownership of their own health. Your health is Yours, and You are responsible for taking care of it.

As well as using homeopathic remedies to help people manage their own health, and reach their optimum potential, I also use

It is amazing what a simple change in lifestyle can do to improve health. Something as simple as introducing a daily twenty minute walk, drinking a glass of boiled water each evening or substituting a lovely fruit smoothie (two of your five-a-day!) for a stodgy pudding, can make such a difference. Some people find that having a regular massage or other treatment beneficial in ‘oiling the works’ as it were, and in generating the feel-good factor. Whatever it is, if it makes you feel better about life in general, then it is worth it – because you are worth it.

Hopefully browsing through this website today will inspire you, and empower you to take a few simple steps for your own good, and ultimately for the good of the whole.

‘Health depends on being in harmony with our souls.’
--Dr Edward Bach